Change Management & Organization Learning

Compelling vision for colleagues to embrace change.

You have the next-generation technology and a strong implementation program, however success is still a step away with your colleagues embraces change.  Sixcel’s expertise on behavioral change can unlock the means by which leaders can empower their workforce embrace change. Our integrated portfolio of methodologies, tools, and deliverables to ensure people change the way the work, not just the technology they use. Understanding that the primary users, we utilize an organizational cultural approach keeping dimensions like business goals and initiatives, culture/climate, demographics, locations, and readiness to embrace change and innovation. Our professionally trained and experienced change managers and learning specialists work with your team throughout the strategic planning, program implementation and deployment phase to create a comprehensive log of all business, process and technology changes. This log coupled with your organization’s culture and program vision acts as the foundation  for the change management program. Our methodical  approach consists of creating a change readiness plan, creating awareness and engagement, and providing optimal colleague training.
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Change Readiness Plan

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At Sixcel, we understand the value of your workforce and it’s impact on your sustainability and profitability. We work with you throughout ideation, planing, and implementation to prepare a comprehensive Change readiness plan. This plan helps deliver an effective change program that focusses on ensuring your workforce is aware, engaged and excited about change coming from the new program. We ensure your colleagues are aligned with the approved vision and understand the impact of the change for your organization’s success.

  • Assess and understand your organization’s culture
  • Understand and record the business, process and technology  changes
  • Determine impacts of change
  • Define the new workforce experience
  • Understand audiences and their perception towards the problem/opportunity statement
  • Understand the existing training and learning environment
  • Map the various iteration deployment  to impact on various groups
  • Prioritize groups by impact of deployment and apt to perceiving change
  • Gain feedback from business users regarding  perceived process and design decisions
  • Create a comprehensive communications plan encompassing the most appropriate channels that suit your organization’s culture
  • Socialize and tweak the change plan working collaboratively with business leaders, human resources, learning and legal  departments
  • Develop a comprehensive learning program based on process and functional changes
  • Finalize the change plan and develop awareness/engagement campaigns
  • Present the final plans to executive sponsors for approval

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Awareness & Engagement

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Sixcel’s team provides you with the expert help around generating intra-organizational awareness on the program and it’s benefits to the internal users. We work with an array of engaging channels and content formats that communicate the message in the most simplest form. Generating awareness and engagement is about understanding your organization’s culture and crafting messaging that generates a postivive sentiment throughout the mass audience while minimizing the grapevine creating unwanted confusion.

  • Deliver value proposition and key messages
  • Messages to focus on how change brings growth to the organization and to the user
  • Drive user  participation and involvement
  • Leverage change agents by giving them powered exposure around the program  to drive early adoption
  • Leverage multiple forms of media including videos, secure Google Hangouts, town-halls, emails and more
  • Measure communication effectiveness through feedback and engagement metrics
  • Provide a preview of what’s coming and the learning program around it

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Training and Learning

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Training is the most critical aspect of your colleagues embracing change. We work closely with your human resources and learning department to create a robust and engaging training module. While our design principles ensure we create the simplest of the experiences, we also make sure our programs deliver that message of confidence to your colleagues. Our change managers and training specialists work with your team to build a blended, hands-on training program that consists of the following:

  • Onsite training: our trainers come on site or in a classroom environment and provide your team with dedicated, personalized training based on your specific needs.
  • Virtual training: a convenient option for remote staff or for when a refresher course is needed, our trainers conduct all types of sessions online, from new user sales and recruiter training to in depth payroll, billing and reporting training.
  • Self-paced training: a great solution for those wanting to revisit a previous training course or learn on their own, our  training guides help users learn the system in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format.

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Your resources

Staffing industry experts We understand each organization is different and requires a unique team to implement it’s transformational program. Sixcel offers a wide array of skills set to augment your program team designed to bring the right expertise required for a successful implementation. Some of our core professionals include:

º Project Manager and Coordinators

º System’s Architects

º Data Scientists

º Change Managers

º Business Analysts

º System Analysts

º Process Engineers

º Training & Learning Professionals

º User Experience Experts

º Testers

º Process Analysts

º Design & Content Professionals

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