eStaff365 Automated Onboarding

Onboarding: Better, Cheaper, Faster…

eStaff365 was designed by Staffing, for Staffing! A robust rules engine to create onboarding packages, coupled with a simple candidate experience means onboarding is completed more quickly, and your team is spending less time chasing missing documents.

  • Better: eStaff365 means no more manual creation of onboarding packages. eStaff365 automatically creates a paperless onboarding package, based on the onboarding scenario. eStaff365 knows exactly which agency, client, state, and federal documents the candidate needs to complete.
  • Cheaper: the hard and soft costs associated with onboarding are constantly increasing. With eStaff365, these costs are reduced to ZERO!
  • Faster: manual onboarding means incomplete packages and lots time spent following up with candidates. With eStaff365, candidates are easily walked through and prompted to complete all of the documents in their onboarding packages, either on a computer or a mobile device, and reminder messages are automatically triggered, reducing delays in placement starts!

How can eStaff365 Streamline your Onboarding process?


Have you done the Math?

How much is paper onboarding really costing you?

Have you ever calculated the cost of onboarding? When you consider the cost of paper, files, storage, and time spent following up with candidates, the total cost may surprise you. Sixcel has worked with a number of staffing companies to determine the average cost onboarding a candidate. Simply plug in your number of annual onboardings to see what onboarding is costing you each year. With eStaff365, bring that cost per onboarding down to zero!

Onboardings per Year:
Total Annual Onboarding Costs: $0

Compliance Improvement

Reduce your risk with eStaff365! Not only does the eStaff365 process ensure that all onboarding documents are completed by your candidates, but the state and federal forms that are delivered with eStaff365 are automatically updated when the owning agencies release new versions.

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