Operations Support Outsourcing (OSO)

There are opportunities to make quick and incremental process improvements every day. Most often, these are identified by those working in the system. For a salesperson, recruiter, onboarding specialist, finance manager or anyone who relies on the process to do their job:

  • Who do they turn to with ideas, requests and issues?Sixcel OSO
  • Who has a good understanding of the process from end to end?
  • Who has the time and skill to design, document and communicate process changes?

If you don’t have a dedicated resource for this or it falls to someone with other responsibilities, you likely miss opportunities to improve your process on a daily basis.

This is not a full-time role. You do not need to burden a top recruiter or manager with this diversion. You should, however, hold someone accountable.

Sixcel can fill this role whenever you need it.


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