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Virtual Billing & Payroll For Staffing

Your New Sixcel Virtual Payroll & Billing Department

Imagine having a virtual payroll and billing department that could take all the operational tasks off every plate. In addition, instantly flex support resources to match changing needs and expertly handle pay/bill in a way that enhances the candidate and customer experience. When you partner with Sixcel, you can refocus your talent, passion and creativity on the front office, while gaining greater resource flexibility to do what you do best.

What Our Clients Say

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How You Benefit

  1. Switch From Fixed To Flexible Cost Structure
  2. Enhance Team Focus & Energy
  3. Strengthen Confidence
  4. Gain Insights

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About Sixcel, Inc.

  • Team of nationwide senior staffing consultants with 350+ combined years of industry experience
  • Managing hundreds of staffing firm engagements annually
  • Serving staffing firms of all sizes nationwide
  • Offices in Boston, Milwaukee and Phoenix
  • Experts in a wide range of staffing tech solutions and tools
  • Partnered with leading staffing technologies

Contact Chris McGlinchey — CEO of Sixcel and staffing industry veteran of more than 20 years — to learn more today at cmcglinchey(at)sixcel(dotcom).

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