Process Improvement

Better Process = Better Performance

The end-to-end staffing process offers numerous opportunities to leverage technology for competitive advantage. It also offers multiple sources of frustration, inefficiency and complexity—all of which derail productivity and impact employee, client and candidate satisfaction.

What is your pain point?

Impediments to Growth
Sixcel clears processing roadblocks and streamlines tasks. We facilitate smoother connections between actions and results in six critical staffing processes:

  1. Order Fulfillment
  2. VMS & MSP Service Delivery
  3. Finance
  4. Time & Expense
  5. Candidate Placement & Engagement
  6. Sales & Account Management

Improvement Initiatives

With proven solution sets for each of the most pivotal staffing processes, Sixcel can tailor a process improvement strategy unique to your business. Then we do more. We manage the entire initiative to ensure your focus remains on revenue generation, while we work to make it easier to generate those revenues.

Every Sixcel solution set is based on these six pillars of a successful process:

  1. Roles
  2. Procedures
  3. Controls
  4. Measurement Framework
  5. Management Framework
  6. Technology Leverage

With a comprehensive approach to process improvement, we map a strategy and execute it to drive operational excellence for your staffing firm.

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