Program Implementation & Management

Making your winning strategy a reality.

Program management has evolved from a tactical to a strategic function as business success is not only measured by the ability to conceive a great idea, but also have the ability to put it into action. Whether managing post-M&A integration or implementing a strategic technology package, you’re looking to turn a winning strategy into successful reality. From creating a program charter to assisting with the governance procedures to ensure scope tightening, timing and deliverables for the project, Sixcel partners with your team to stay focused on what needs to be done for a successful deployment in alignment with the approved business case. We act as your single point of contact and seamlessly integrate into your project team, representing your interests first and foremost. Sixcel offers full service portfolio of program management and carefully plan your program, with a focus on improving schedule performance, controlling and reducing costs, minimizing risks, and ensuring quality output.

Staffing Best Practices

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Program Readiness Model

Your vision has been articulated, your stakeholders approve your vision and the business case, a good program model is a must for successful implementation. Using the latest technology tools and business best practices, we apply professional program management rigor to enable the successful delivery of complex programs. Sixcel begins with ensuring you have the right program and readiness plan. We work with your team to clarify the vision, scope and develop a high-level plan for the scoped transformation initiatives. We help craft a structured deployment plan that takes into consideration organization’s culture, business’ pressing pains, challenges, workforce experience, and how the change will impact multiple audiences organization wide while ensuring your organization is prepared.

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Program readiness

  • Establish design principles and desired outcomes
  • Establish success metrics and KPIs
  • Define governance model and technical architecture
  • Assess cultural or structural barriers to change
  • Define internal roles – sponsor, owner, SME, contributor etc.

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Program Plan

  • Understand desired timelines and priorities
  • Craft Business Requirements enough for building prototype
  • Define key milestones, deployment cycles and governance procedures
  • Define prototype and pilot framework
  • Determine resourcing and project synergy model
  • Ensure resourcing via Direct Hire, Staff Augmentation or Outsourcing

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Proof of Concept, Prototype & Pilot

Whether you prefer the agile approach or your stakeholders are ask that all aspects of risks associated with your project are mitigated, Sixcel has got you covered. Our team works with you on creating proof of concept,and prototypes and pilot them with a controlled group.

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Project planning & management

We understand the complexities of running transformation programs – and when to let you focus on running the business. We have handled the most challenging technology projects at leading staffing firms. Our proven project management process manages risk, leverages resources, monitors quality and ensures that even your most demanding technology projects will be delivered on time and within budget. We operate in the style and method that best meets your organization’s culture and program requirements. For maximum effectiveness, a single point of contact manages all aspects of every technology project. Our team is accountable to attend to every detail from project planning, execution, administration and governance. And, our use of project monitoring, reporting and analysis tools ensures your team has a complete view of tasks and progress on-demand.

Our guiding principles:

  • Deliver excellence with a mix of experience, expertise and efficiency
  • Enhanced risk management and assessment
  • Improved time management ensuring deadlines are met
  • On-demand visibility into the program, project and task status by role
  • Event driven automated correctional measures to ensure precision based project management

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Program Implementation & Deployment

Business success is not measured by your ability to conceive a great idea, but rather by your ability to put it into action. Whether managing post-M&A integration or implementing a strategic technology package, you’re looking to turn a winning strategy into successful reality. We are implementation experts and ensure that we orchestrate a well oiled machinery  from configuration to deployment keeping in mind the scope, budget and organizational culture. Our experienced team documents all your improved business processes; resulting in a solid foundation for your Change Management phase with  consistent communication, training and operational success across your entire organization.

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Your resources

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We understand each organization is different and requires a unique team to implement it’s transformational program. Sixcel offers a wide array of skills set to augment your program team designed to bring the right expertise required for a successful implementation. Some of our core professionals include:

º Project Manager and Coordinators

º System’s Architects

º Data Scientists

º Change Managers

º Business Analysts

º System Analysts

º Process Engineers

º Training & Learning Professionals

º User Experience Experts

º Testers

º Process Analysts

º Design & Content Professionals

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