Program strategy & planning

Capturing and converting your imagination into a winning strategy.

We understand your stakeholders’ urging need for technology to innovate, deliver awesome customer experience, and bring productivity efficiencies. However, it is often a challenge to align the stakeholders on costs, risks, timing, team, vendors and scope, slowing down the process from planning to implementation.

Staffing best practices

Sixcel’s strategic focus is to deliver a vision to stakeholders that the aligns your brand promise, end user needs, and emerging technology. Our strategists bring together in-depth staffing industry experience, technology and digital expertise, user experience, and moreover deep insights on how to bring stakeholders together. Sixcel’s team works with you each step of the way from program ideation to preparing your strategy, business case and program plan. Our strategy & planning approach minimizes risks associated with project revenue, financing, capital cost, and operating cost, while consistently maintaining a focus on your mission as the overriding determinant of project priorities. The end result is a consensus-driven project which all vested stakeholders help create and which is the relentless implementation of their vision.

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Discovery & Prioritization

Technology transforms the way you do business and grow it. However, it can be difficult to prioritize the business challenges without understanding all that is possible. Our discovery services brings together your business and functional in an interactive setting to ideate the end state. The end state is derived keeping in mind  the business opportunity, environmental variables and challenges the program will  solve. We help you  outline the optimal approach to your ideal state, potential solutions and prioritized goals. The interactivity urges the leaders past the buzzwords and identify how your program can impact the value of your business.

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Strategy & Business Case Presentation

You have a solid vision and we can help you articulate it with an effective Strategic Presentation and an accurate Business Case for your executives. Our approach offers a proven evaluation process that focuses not only on the  merit behind your vision but  the value drivers of technology and its returns to the business with the highest level of accuracy. Our business case analysis incorporates all aspects of  business outcomes with factors such as productivity and efficiency benefits, and not just cost comparisons to provide your Chief Financial Officer with all possible pros and cons to your strategic approach. Our Strategy presentation articulates your technology vision in the most simplest format in order for your stakeholders not to get distracted by technical complexities that can be hard to understand.

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Your resources

Staffing industry experts
We understand each organization is different and requires a unique team to implement it’s transformational program. Sixcel offers a wide array of skills set to augment your program team designed to bring the right expertise required for a successful implementation. Some of our core professionals include:

º Project Manager and Coordinators

º System’s Architects

º Data Scientists

º Change Managers

º Business Analysts

º System Analysts

º Process Engineers

º Training & Learning Professionals

º User Experience Experts

º Testers

º Process Analysts

º Design & Content Professionals

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