The Right Staffing Technology Positioned The Right Way

Sixcel applies its specialized knowledge of the staffing industry to ensure the right use of the right technology—from recruiting to financials—to support business growth.

Technology Impacting Your Success

We focus on three key areas to ensure maximum value from these tools:


With no shortage of technology for the industry, Sixcel can evaluate the current state of your technology in terms of your unique needs and goals. We identify areas of overlap as well as critical gaps. Sixcel can build the right suite to optimally run your staffing business today and support its growth tomorrow.

Implement & Optimize

Sixcel has an expert team of project managers, business analysts and systems analysts. Experienced in implementing technology specific to the staffing industry, they employ proven methodology while taking a process-centric approach.

The best technology offers little value unless users accept it. Sixcel ensures your technology creates a true advantage for you through change management. Our dedicated change management framework focuses on users. It ensures what is deployed is actually used in the right way to move your business forward.

Not only do staffing companies trust us with their technology implementations; technology companies do as well. Sixcel is a premier implementation partner for a number of best-in-class staffing industry technology solutions.

Sixcel gets the right technology up and running on time and on budget, while ensuring it is embraced and used as intended.

But our team doesn’t stop there. Sixcel strives for continuous improvement:

  • Are you getting the most from your technology?
  • Are you taking full advantage of all features and functions?
  • Do you want a view into how others leverage similar technology?

Sixcel can guide you to the next level of productivity, so you can generate a higher level of return from your technology investments.


Ideally, your account reps and recruiters will be super users, knowing how to work the system to ensure outstanding service to clients and candidates. Technical knowledge is a definite productivity plus, but are you willing to divert their attention from revenue-generating activities to troubleshoot?

There is a better solution.

Sixcel is a systems expert. We understand the ins and outs of the technology. We can be your go-to resource for any post-implementation technology support issues. We can:

  • Answer user questions
  • Dig into an issue to resolve it
  • Direct system changes to reflect changes in your business
  • Create new reporting tools
  • Ready a new release

Sixcel immediately addresses and resolves any slowdowns or technical issues with minimal disruption to productivity.